Tips on Making Your Office Super Sheik for the Year 2017

An article released this December on Forbes magazine, and that the Pantone Color Institute has announced that the colors for the coming 2017 are shades of spring and greenery. A fresh start for the next year is the theme of Pantone’s shades of spring and greenery. This might be the right time to replace those old office desks to change the mood and the pace for next year’s working calendar.office_desk2

Timely as most interior designers agreed, the color of spring gives hope to many of the mishaps that was commonly the highlights of 2016. To bring us to the point, here are some tips on making your office super chic for the coming year.

Fresh tone, Fresh start

Start with re-arranging your work area, try a little change in angle, move that table a few paces. Change the position of those ever fixed office desks. Then go a little further, try changing the color of your wallpaper or repainting that dull white area of yours. Greenery as a color blend gives of a fresh sense and fresh perspective. Coupled with soft white light from a lighting fixture close to a wall, then you will have a room with depth and freshness. You will be surprised how much color blending can alter your mood.

Seize the season for the shopping

Majority of office warehouses are having inventory sales so they could stock for the coming year. Why not seize the season to save money and get great deals? Office desks in Sydney warehouses for example cost 40-50% less compared to original peak prices over the whole year. So, seizing the season to be jolly really works for you. If you are living anywhere in big cities, chances are there are even office supply stores that accept online payment, with the already discounted rates plus rebates from online shopping with credit card or paypal account that is already doubling up your savings. You could actually go from looking for a simple clerk desk to actually buying executive desk in Sydney warehouses spot on.

Double up, double down.

Create an inventory of office items and furniture that need to go, and then you should make a list of office equipment and amenities you want to add to your office arsenal. In that way, you will not end up with owning two office desks at a time. Unless, you want your office to look like a storage area, you need to dispose those you have listed as unwanted right away.

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