Checklist to Guide You in Finding Energy Efficient Solution Provider

More and more people are looking into the energy efficiency solutions for homes and office consumption. Installations of solar panels on roofs are increasing dramatically and solar electricians are getting busier than ever. If you’re thinking of going greener, and in increasing your home or office’s energy efficiency, here’s  a checklist on finding the right team providing solar power solutions.solar_energy2

Do they do assessment before going forward?

Solar electricians won’t go forward unless your roof has been fully assessed. If your roof is shaded throughout the years, it might not be as favorable to have solar windows. If you happen to live in apartments, ecosmart electricians would recommend shared or community solar. The roof is also assessed for good shape and structures. It means looking for renovation or repair signs to save you from the costly disconnection of the panels for renovations or repair. Only when your roof has been properly and thoroughly assessed, the solar energy team can go forward installing solar energy products on your roof.

Do they do energy audit?

The right team would ask if you have done everything that you can do in improving your home’s efficiency. They do energy audit and look for efficiency upgrades before drawing the blueprints for your roof’s solar panel installations. Upgrading would mean having electrical services for your home such as wiring installations and replacements if needed. It saves you money, as it will only provide the energy efficiency solutions that will only produce the energy your home needs.

Do they offer full range of solar power products and technologies?

It is not enough your solar electricians are deemed as experts but ensure the team is capable of offering full range of solar power technologies that suits your roof and home’s needs. The two dominant solar technologies are photovoltaic which uses arrays of cells in turning sunlight into electricity and thermal, which uses sunlight for heating water and air for indoor use. Whatever kind of solar that makes sense to your efficiency goal, the team should be able to provide expertly and with full qualifications.

Are they trustworthy?

Do they have the credentials and license to do solar power installations? Qualified solar service providers normally give quotes and provide warranty. It is also important your team has permanent location and address and it means it will be around to fix any breakdown beyond the warranty period.

Bearing in mind these checklists would allow you to dismiss any hard time finding the right team in providing some energy efficiency solutions for your home or office.

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