The Indispensability of a Good Web Design

When you plan to create a website for personal, business or other purposes, one thing that you should highly consider is having a good web design. You should not just settle for ready-made or free templates offered on the web. Though they can offer functions and features necessary for a functional website, you should never underestimate the advantages of having a customized web design. A customized design is one that can adjust to your specific needs and objectives.

Factors that affect people’s web browsing behavior

A good web design is necessary and indispensable for so many reasons. One is the fact that a good one encourages people to stay on the page and complete simple tasks. However, people will most likely leave your page if the web design looks too complicated.

According to Digital Synopsis, 3.5 out of 10 people don’t complete simple tasks on an average site. They’ve also found out that it will take 60 seconds for an average person to try before giving up. There are many contributing factors for this behavior and one major factor is the way the web is designed.

Among the common reasons or stumbling blocks why many websites don’t attract more visitors is there are too many steps before they can complete any task. Add to this the need for too much clicking, too much reading, and too much scrolling. These tasks that require them more time to complete will definitely bore or irritate them. As a result, you don’t become successful in your objective why you’ve created the site. Other reasons include the lack of ample information, too small texts, too much going on, difficulty in navigation, providing the wrong information, and being not well organized.

Mobile friendly web design

There are many ways on how you can have a good web design. But, apart from that, you also need to take into account the fact that more internet users are now using smartphones or other mobile electronic devices to browse the Web. One major reason for the increasing trend is the fact that users can enjoy doing many tasks on different pages and platforms without the need to go to an internet cafe or to go home just to use the internet.

According to IronPaper, there are 13.98 million people who browse the Web using their smartphones in 2010. This hugely increased to 188.38 million in 2013. In 2015, it increased to a much higher figure of 788.32 million. However, mobile internet users won’t stay on the site if its web design is not mobile-friendly. So, if you want to reach millions of people, make sure that your web design is also capable of adjusting to the smaller screens of smartphones.

With these, it is very crucial for people who want to create a website to know about the ways and tips in designing a good one. In addition, there should be knowledge about the latest trends in web design to keep up with the game. In this way, you’ll surely succeed in whatever purpose you have for creating a website. 

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