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The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is growing rapidly in Australia, according to a report by Marketo. This report indicates a trend in increased budget allocations by companies to fund digital marketing, as well as investments in technology to facilitate online marketing. Despite this, much remains to be done to boost this kind of marketing. Here are the emerging issues in digital marketing in Australia.

Ad spend growth

In recent years, more and more companies are investing more in online advertising, with almost half of the general display adverts being mobile advertising. This has provided convenience for the companies regarding reaching to the consumer, and viewability across broader audiences.

Ad blocking

However, other emerging issues have been witnessed in relation to increasing ad spend. The result is that the consumer is constantly bombarded with adverts that they find bothersome, irrelevant, and destructing. It has been widely termed as a lack of respect for the customer. Fears are rising that ad blocking tools will affect online marketing in a major way. However, the user has been left to decide the fate of these ads, while marketers are hoping this will not affect their inventory in a major way.

digimarketingVideo content is gaining popularity

According to the IAB Online Advertising report for the quarter ended March 2016, video adverts are fast gaining popularity, accounting for twenty-five percent of general display adverts. The popularity has been attributed to the younger generation of teenagers and young adults who prefer to watch content on online channels such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram as compared to traditional channels such as television. Therefore, most marketers are shifting to these platforms

Personalization of content

Companies are also shifting more towards web design that provide more personalized content for the end user, significantly reducing the unnecessary content. Adverts are also provided to the user based on insights from their data, hence provision of relevant content.

Web development has also been refined to automate consumer interaction, while enlarging their data capabilities. This has boosted personalization further, with a particular focus on hand-held devices such as mobile phones that have been rated as the number one tool of choice.

API Mergers

It is expected that APIs will significantly transform the online marketing platform through merging and collaborating with third parties to facilitate the exchange of information, and enhance interconnectedness. Thus, most companies are on the lookout for APIs in the industry they can partner with their websites and applications to create new consumers, and offer convenience to the existing ones.

Demand for authenticity

More and more consumers are demanding for authentic content, whether in web development, social media, or any other media. This is due to the large amount of content they come across daily. Doing so will enhance competitive advantage, in addition to viewability.

Marketing platforms and nurturing relationships

Digital development has the risk of the lack of the personal touch in business relationships, whether between the consumer or other businesses. There is a demand for digital marketing platforms to provide the ability to develop and nurture healthy relationships characterized by closeness and professionalism. Systems that foster better relationships are likely to reap more benefits not only in the impact of marketing but also from increased innovation from the marketing team.

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