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The Basics of Web Hosting

There are still a number of people who are in the dark when it comes to web hosting. They are the self-confessed tech dummies who are a bit apprehensive in exploring the world of Internet. And, if this is your first time to read about these topics, it can prove to be quite confusing, what is with the technological terms all over the place.


Web hosting is a service that makes sure that your site can be accessed by anyone on the internet at any given time. Hence, a web host needs to have a web server and a computer that is connected to the internet 24/7. Although there is an option to host the website yourself, most people would seek assistance from legit web hosting providers that can cater to their every need.

If you are thinking of putting up your own website (may it be personal or business), you have to secure a web host. Aside from management and content, this is one of the things that you have to do first in making your website public. Most people would consider finding a free web host, thinking that it does the job without any expense. While a number of options are readily available, it posts a lot of headache-inducing security risks. Therefore, it is best to turn to web hosting providers that carry fees even if that means you have to shell out about $4 a month for this kind of service. Some hosting providers offer special deals by combining your domain name with your hosting. Plus, great web hosting providers have round-the-clock customer support. Some even have money back guarantees so you can test the service first and not feel cheated when it doesn’t deliver how you expect it to be.

On one hand, reseller hosting service is offered by many web hosting companies. Some are looking into using reseller hosting as a business venture since you don’t have to come up with a huge amount of money to start this. You can open an account in a web hosting provider, which is inclusive of a package of disk space and bandwidth. This package can be subdivided and rented out to individual users. This proves to be a good deal since you get to acquire this package at a minimal cost. One disadvantage of this though is the possibility that technical support will not be a hundred percent reliable for users. Not unless you’re an expert in technical issues, it would be difficult and pricey to seek professional technical support when problems arise.

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