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Signs That Your Web Development isn’t the Real One

One of the proofs that your web developer is helping you achieve your online goal is by being an online digital marketer, too. This means, he’s incorporating spaces and custom web apps intended for digital marketing strategies in the web design. However, many businesses have fallen prey for web development companies that simply promise to provide digital marketing strategies but end up cheating and deceiving website owners causing them failure on their quest for online presence.  If you’re on your way of choosing your web developer in Sydney, here are some warring signs to avoid the dubious.


Never ask about your business goal

Dubious and the impostors usually promise “hits and great traffics” and be warned that good website isn’t just “hits and traffic”. The first duty of a web developer is to ask website owners about their online objectives and ask how they’re able to derive them. A real web developing company offers extended hand to clients in understanding more of realistic expectations and suggest ways on how to arrive at it. The dubious on the other hand just tells you how good custom apps are and don’t spend time discussing them. And because they don’t mind about business goals, there is no or little effort in knowing audience target and competition in order to provide creative ways in reaching your target audience leaving you alone in achieving your digital marketing goal.

Never review on your past digital marketing strategies

Web developer needs to review current branding and previous digital campaigns in order to create synergy between what’s about to implement and also in some ways what to cut off and stop. The dubious never do this but instead ignore past digital marketing success. Sydney web development always takes in consideration past digital campaign successes in order to see the key- take away from the past experience and enhance it or try not to repeat past mistakes on web applications that might have caused failures.

Never consider technical support

Beside the promise of doing SEO on pages, the real web developer will not build web pages that aren’t live in your pages and won’t easily promise, “first page” ranking. On the contrary, the dubious promise “first page” ranking but don’t provide technical support like “keywords” and “content management”. They definitely won’t mention about the importance of mobile in digital marketing and on how a “call of action” is highly needed in web development of business websites. Web development in Sydney will not promise a rose garden but all the technical support to guarantee custom apps are working, organized, and intended in achieving online goals.

Think wise, think about Sydney web development, and avoid the impostors. Successful websites don’t succeed overnight, but with reliable and trusted web developers.

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