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Digital and Online Marketing: 5 Easy Tips to Getting Ahead.

The Mobile market.

As of last year (2015) the global stats from google show that desktop access for marketing sites was down in comparison to mobile sites showing that mobile marketing and advertising has surpassed the usual formats. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that a company that does not include and focus on mobile searches and marketing will never be as successful as one that does.

websitedevelopmentDigital advertising isn’t just pay per click ads.

New data suggests that Australian advertisers have the highest ad spend per user in the world but struggle to engage customers, this may be due to a lack of compelling content or irrelevant landing pages, when customers click on an ad they need to be taken to the best possible page to hook them in, if you can create a new page just for this ad, that would be even better.

SEO. Important or not?

There is a myth that Search Engine Optimization is not as important as it once was but, the sophistication of SEO enables engineers to customize their ad’s or pages so that clever hints and clues enable even basic searches to find your site and give it a higher ranking on a search giving it an advantage when building and formatting new content, without SEO your site would be invisible to search engines and would get little to no traffic.

Social media is your friend.

Nearly 25% of all fortune 500 execs have a LinkedIn making it a great place to build connections and mentors, 74% of all business that are online or have an online presence also have Facebook and twitter pages as well gaining huge traffic for sites, events and for gaining new customers. Due to the nature of instant contact advertising online for local area’s or business gives great visible results for small business or large company’s alike.

Update Update Update.

The most important thing in website development and marketing in general is always be fresh, updated content is what everyone wants, research shows people re-visit pages several times a day awaiting new articles, new designs or social media updates, keep an eye on recent trends and formats, like mobile optimization to make sure your always at the top of the list for search engines.

Following these simple steps can boost your sales or traffic short term and keep people engaged long term, track your progress and use analytics to find out what is or isn’t working for you, identify what needs changing and how to optimize your strategy, online marketing has never been so important in the digital age and knowing what and what not to do will be the difference in getting you ahead.

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